SMC GROUP was founded in 1990 and today is a key player on the market of  nuts, dried fruits, and paper products. The company is also producer of KAFEX brand. This group having high ability and experience in these fields and with branches in Dubai and Singapore offers a wide range of various product types in both import and export.

We continue to grow and maintain both international and local markets by offering high quality products which are second to none. Our company is founded on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and a motto of “Ease of Doing Business” in all its dealing. We also pursue “Quality", “Service” and “Excellence” in all our endeavors.


With 4 most advanced processing facilities located in Kerman, Khuzestan, Qazvin and Tehran SMC has access to the most recognized relative agricultural lands of the country, where Pistachios, Raisin, and Dates are cleaned, stored and packed as per customer required specifications and get ready for shipment. The company has a coffee mix production line too. The brand name is KAFEX.


Our vision is to be globally recognized import and export company, in food industry and our other sections, which as put quality and customer's satisfactions as priority.

Our mission is to provide comptitive high quality products for our customers all over the world.