SHARGHE MIANE Company, known as SMC GROUP S.A, is one of the processor and exporter of dried fruits & nuts from Iran, was established in1990 with 3 generation of experience. The company is one of the oldest and leading supplier of the Iranian dried fruits & nuts in the world and also one of the biggest importer of food products to Iran. Our main products are Raisins, Dates & Pistachio.  The company has a coffee mix production line too. The brand name is KAFEX.


Our suppliers have Ocean, Intermodal and Air Freight experts on hand to get your product where you want it, when you want it.


We want to make your purchasing decision easy when buying our company products That’s why we dig deep into industry data with the best quality.


We Specialize in Nut products as well as dates and coffee mixes. All our products come from the highest quality global sources.


SMS GROUP is expert in producing Dried Fruits, Nuts and Coffee mix with the best quality.


The loyalty of all our key constituents is very important to us, to achieve this we take each and every step with honesty and transparency.


We care about the quality of our products as well as our relationships. therefore we use the best quality ingredients and products to serve the needs our customers.


With integrity we build incredible trust and loyalty with our customers, suppliers, industry partners and Regulators.


A positive reputation is crucial for any business and our company being in business for more than 30 years without any complaints or negative records has a really good name and reputation in the market. We are known as one of the superiors in exporting nuts and dried fruits.